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The involvement of the Ecole Centrale de Lille in numerous networks highlights its cross-sectoral activities as well as its ambitions not only in its teaching activities but also in research and research promotion or in its interest for innovation.

The Ecole Centrale de Lille is closely involved onsite in shared laboratories with other institutes such as the University of Lille 1, the University of Valenciennes (UVHC), Arts et Métiers Paritech. In close collaboration with bodies such as INRIA, the CNRS, IFFSTAR, with which it has shared research teams, it is also active within federations or scientific interest groups such as the GRAISyHM, a research group in integrated automation and man-machine systems.

Partner research at the Ecole Centrale de Lille is an essential activity of the institute. Its ambitious policy in this area is enshrined within public or public-private partnerships on projects or research programmes (public contracts with structures such as the ANR, ADEME, Europe through ERDF, INTERREG or RDFP projects …) as within company partnerships. These latter may comprise industrial and commercial contacts resulting from meeting our researchers in the context of national or international congresses or themed workshops, but are also initiated through an active network policy attracting partnerships (joining competitiveness clusters such as Itrans, PICOM, Astech, being a member of the Curie network or ANRT).

As a founding member of the PRES Research and Higher Education Hub, a founding member of the GENI incubator, a member of the IRT Railenium, and a member of the CARNOT ARTS institute, the Ecole Centrale de Lille is involved in a number of ambitious projects, the most recent example being its onsite REALCAT Equipex platform in partnership, which was selected at the last PIA call for projects and is carries some research subjects in the platform LEAF Equipex and within the regional flagship CISIT.

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