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Accredited to award Doctoral Degrees


The PhD is the highest degree in all educational systems around the world.

Essential for a career in research or in Higher Education, it is also one of the keys to a successful career in large international groups.

Corresponding to 8 years of study after High School (Bac+8), it results from research work carried out over three years in a laboratory culminating in the production and oral defence of a thesis. This work is also accompanied by complementary professionalizing teaching.

All students who gain a doctorate obtain the title of Doctor in their speciality. They can then choose to become a teacher-researcher or to find a job in the private sector.

In Engineering Sciences Doctoral School (ED SPI) 072
> PhD in Mechanics
> PhD in Civil Engineering
> Doctorat en Génie Electrique
> PhD in Automatic Control, Computer Engineering, Signal and Image Processing
> PhD in Micro and Nanotechnologies, Acoustics and Telecommunications

In Engineering Sciences Doctoral School SMRE 104
> PhD in Industrial Systems Engineering

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