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Graduate Industrial and Computing Engineer


Admission :

Admission is open to all candidates in possession of or preparing an « S » (or « STI2D ») Baccalaureate. Candidates are selected in two stages (application file and tests) based on their knowledge, their ability to analyze and their motivation. They can enroll in this entrance examination online at  Admission Post Bac.
Admission is also possible directly into the 2nd and 3rd years.

The course :

The programme at IG2I is over 5 years. The first three years are composed of a common-core course, whilst the final two years allow students to become specialized in Advanced Systems Engineering, Multimedia Networks Engineering or Computer Engineering.

The IG2I teaching course is particularly well adapted to company needs and allows student-engineers to prepare for professional life through 20 months of internships, spread out throughout the course, and including a minimum of 3 months in an English-speaking country.

Job opportunities :

Career recruitment after IG2I is excellent.

Graduate students are specialized in techniques in Computing and Industrial Engineering. They are appreciated by firms for their broad-minded approach to all fields linked to industrial processes, their ability to carry out an industrial project, their aptitude for teamwork, management and the responsibilities of being an engineer.

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