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Ecole Centrale de Lille

Postgraduate Multi-Disciplinary Engineer

Since 1854 Centrale Lille has been training high-level multi-disciplinary engineers who go on every year to work for French and worldwide firms and industrial groups.

Admission :

Admission is mainly through the Centrale-Supélec competitive entrance examinations, following 2 years of preparatory classes (“classes préparatoires”). In its desire to be open to all, the School offers opportunities for Bachelor’s students and those studying for an HND to integrate after “ATS” entrance examinations or a scientific and technical Bachelor’s Degree.

Every year, 250 students are admitted to the Ecole Centrale de Lille.

The course :

The course is based on a common-core programme for the first two years followed by a specialization year.

Teaching in the first two years allows to acquire the basic fundamentals in science subjects but also offers the opportunity to choose elective courses thus enabling each student to customize their study plan from the very beginning of the course.

The 3rd year allows the student-engineers to deepen their knowledge by choosing a scientific specialization and a professionally-oriented discipline.

There are many opportunities to go abroad. Each Centrale Lille student-engineer must undergo an international experience of at least 3 months, and can choose an internship, a Double Degree or even an academic year in an international university partner.

Study projects are also an important part of the Centrale course. Throughout the first 2 years, the students work in groups of 5-7 on a major company project. As well as completing this project, they have to deal with working in a team, respecting deadlines, potential risks and the budget that such a project entails.

Time spent in companies is also high: more than 10 months of internships over the 3 years. Since the new term in 2012, students have also been able to carry out their final year on a contractual basis.

Centrale Lille offers many opportunities to allow its students to build their own course plan (Double Degree with EDHEC Business School, specialization in research …).

Job opportunities :

The professional world indicates every year that companies have an increasing need for engineers. The period of time spent seeking a first job is quite low: in less than 2 months, almost 70% are recruited with a permanent contract. The areas of activity in the companies where our graduates are recruited reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of our teaching. Indeed, in 2013, more than 26 different fields were catalogued! Nevertheless, the careers which attract the most are in consulting, energy, construction and the automobile, aviation, naval and rail industry. The average salary is more than €41 904 and 21,5% of our graduates are recruited abroad

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