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Periods in industry

Interships :

Student-engineers from Centrale Lille, Iteem and IG2I are available to you throughout the year.
As a reminder :
Centrale Lille: minimum of 10 months of internships over 3 years
Iteem: 16 months of internships over 5 years
IG2I: 19 months of internships over 5 years

Gap years :

The professional gap year allows companies to benefit from the skills of a 1st year Master’s student-engineer who will be totally immersed in the corporate world for one year before coming back to the school to finish his or her final year of training.

The gap year is only open to Centrale students.
Availability: 1 year
Gap year between 2nd and 3rd years

Professionnal Training Contract

(Hire a Centrale student through a professional training contract)

From September 2013, the Ecole Centrale de Lille will open a Centrale Engineering apprenticeship programme in order to meet the demands of companies and, in particular, its own partners. Students in the final year of the engineering programme (Master II) will have the opportunity to learn a career whilst preparing for their degree through an apprenticeship. The Centrale Engineer apprenticeship Degree is the same as the Centrale Engineer Degree awarded to normal students.

Created by the 4th May 2004 legislation concerning lifelong vocational training, the aim of the professional training contract is to professionalize young people between 16 and 25 and job seekers over the age of 26 by giving them a qualification through apprenticeship and supporting them on an individual basis.

The apprentice will be trained to your working methods, to your company’s culture, and will therefore be quickly operational and can be hired at the end of the professional training contract.

A contract is signed between the company and the student with a training agreement signed between the School and the company as an appendix.

The student under contract will attend courses 3 days per week at the School and will spend 2 days (Thursday and Friday) in the company from September to March. He or she will then carry out the final Master’s thesis within the company, from April to September.

Apprenticeship contract

only open to IG2I students > Thierry Fricheteau

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