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Philippe Vasseur, President of the Alliances network, 2015 class-year sponsor.

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Student / Company Meetings

HR Days

‘One to one’ meetings over 2 days between all 2nd year Master’s student-engineers and specially chosen partner companies (HR Heads and employees :

Ecole Centrale de Lille – every year in September

- Job-seeking strategy : CV and cover letter, preparing to seek internships and employment, preparing for the Job Fair, strategy for networks)

- Informal and spontaneous exchanges : between companies and student-engineers over a buffet lunch

- Meetings with companies:presenting engineering careers : opportunities for internships or professional gap years, Careers – Functions, career evolution

- Speed dating : facilitating and optimizing exchanges through short interviews

Job Fair ("Forum Rencontre")

The largest Company Recruitment Fair north of Paris.

Ecole Centrale de Lille - every year in October for the last 33 years

Professional meetings between more than 80 companies and 2500 students to bring together supply and demand in internship and job offers, and ever increasing long gap-year periods in companies, professional training contracts and apprenticeship contracts. / Tel. : 0033 (0)3 20 47 05 64

Conferences / company visits / onsite visits

Companies also have the opportunity to contact our student-engineers through :

- Employed managers or consultants participating in our final-year scientific or professional options in the form of conferences or lesson modules.

- Discovering corporate life through visits to industrial or commercial sites, building sites, through “Vis ma Vie” (“Live my Life”) days or even through business games or role-plays organized by companies on their premises.

Sponsoring class years and awarding degrees

Every year, a business leader sponsors the incoming first years. This sponsorship allows the newly-recruited students to have an initial and privileged contact with the economic world and the company to develop its reputation and accordingly stimulate career interests through its activities. Throughout the 3 years, activities are set up to allow initial contact, exchanges and closer ties between the students and the company. At the end of their studies, each student is awarded his or her degree by the class-year sponsor. This relationship often continues afterwards given the ties that are created.

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