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The Ecoles Centrales Group

5 schools in France (Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes and Paris)


Whilst maintaining their own personality and autonomy, the five Écoles Centrales: Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes, Paris chose to join together in the “Groupe des Écoles Centrales”: this regrouping firstly allows a better visibility of these institutes with regard to other establishments and the economic world. Accordingly, it favours collaborations with companies. It also allows student engineers to take advantage of a wider option of courses through the possibility of carrying out the final year in another school which proposes a different option or course.

The Écoles Centrales share a common ethic concerning the training of multi-disciplinary engineers at a high level for companies. They are resolutely committed, through a voluntary and autonomous process, to developing their complementary natures and their synergies and to enriching their shared potential at the service of corporations.

These exchange and cooperation activities concern in particular:

- The harmonization of educational projects and the promotion of student-engineer exchanges, particularly with regard to final year options,

- The coordination of research policies and associated collaborations,

- The pooling of international experiences and the harmonization of policies in order to promote the “Centrale” concept abroad.

Every year, the Ecoles Centrales Group awards around 1150 Engineering Degrees. It brings together almost 1 500 researchers and represents 12% of research in state engineering schools.

Its size and potential is comparable to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Technische Universität Berlin or the Technical Faculties of major European or American universities. It is an essential element to ensure the visibility of the Ecoles Centrales on a world scale.

In 2005, the Ecoles Centrales Group, in order to prove the force of its activities overseas, opened the Ecole Centrale de Pékin (Beijing), with the University of Beihang, with the aim of training in 6 years bi-cultural engineers capable of adapting to French and European companies implanted in Asia.

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